College Application Essay Writing Program

  • At LITE, we are proud to offer different programs depending on each student's needs.  

  • Whether you choose online essay help or one-on-one tutoring, each program utilizes Advanced Placement techniques and strategies to guide students of all abilities towards becoming effective and compelling writers.

  • The program culminates in a polished college application essay portfolio, specially designed to meet the needs of each individual student.

Join the CREW: 

College Readiness & Essay Writing 

According to recent college admissions reports, the number of colleges and universities that consider the college application essay to be of considerable importance continues to increase each year.  This essay  has a critical effect on a student's admission into the school of his/her choice.  The essay is a primary way that admissions officers evaluate thousands of students with similar statistics. 

Long Island Tutoring and Enrichment

Our students have been very successful:
  • Over 90% of our students have gained admission to their #1 choice colleges.
  • Over half of our students are attending Ivy League schools this fall. 

Remember that colleges look for sincere and well-written essays that reveal a student's unique personality and passion.  By joining the CREW, students will apply with confidence, knowing their application sets them apart from the rest.