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What is the GRE?

The GRE revised general test is the only test that helps a student get into both graduate school AND business school. It is the most widely accepted admissions test worldwide. Whether you are applying to a master's program, doctoral program, or MBA program, the GRE is the test to take.

Our One-on-One Program

Each GRE program is tailored to the needs of the individual student. 

There are two different programs to choose from:

1. Our Comprehensive Program covers all three parts of the exam, specifically Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing.

2. Our Partial Program covers only the area in which the student needs the most help, such as Quantitative Reasoning. 

The length of each program is determined by the student's strengths and weaknesses in his/her area of need. Whichever program a student chooses, our experienced instructors guide him/her throughout the process, offering not only rules and techniques, but also encouragement and guidance.

Timed, Proctored Practice Exams

In addition to the tailored and detailed curriculum, there are computer-based tests available for students to take. Each student applies our advanced techniques to hundreds of questions. This aspect of the program is key to our students' excellent performance on the actual exam. Taking a standardized test is a challenge; however, taking a standardized test on a computer poses an even greater challenge. Our philosophy at Long Island Tutoring and Enrichment is that success on standardized tests is measured not only by learning the material but also by learning how to take the test, especially CBTs (Computer Based Tests).  


Our GRE tutoring program is a very demanding one that requires consistent dedication and discipline from all of our students. We provide an optimal study plan for each student to help him/her stay on task and remain motivated all the way to test day.

GRE Tutoring Program