ACT & SAT Tutoring Program

Long Island Tutoring and Enrichment

Join our elite team of students who have scored in the top percentiles in the country. 

Gain admission to the college of your choice. 

Earn scholarship money based on your high ACT or SAT score.

Initial Practice Test Assessment

Before the start of the tutoring sessions, the student takes a diagnostic exam.  This diagnostic is used by the instructor to both assess the student's strengths and weaknesses and to manage the curriculum accordingly.

Weekly Sessions

The student meets with his/her instructor once a week for an hour. Each session is one-on-one. Our curriculum has been carefully crafted to address all the material that the student will encounter on both the SAT and the ACT, such as: vocabulary, reading, mathematics, grammar, and writing skills.  When the student starts to take the practice tests, the instructor will also review the exam to further help the student excel in this process.

Personalized Homework and Weekly Quizzes

In addition to meeting with his/her instructor once a week, each student is required to complete assignments at home. These assignments are adapted to each student's abilities and focus points throughout the year. This program is a rigorous one, and we require dedication, hard work, and consistency from each and every one of our students.  It is this discipline that not only helps our students excel on these standardized tests, but also establishes confidence and time management skills that carry over into their schoolwork.

Practice Tests

Students are given the opportunity to take timed, proctored practice exams.  The more exposure students get to SAT and ACT questions, the less anxiety they will have on test day.  These timed tests give students the opportunity to apply the rules, techniques, and formulas that they have learned in session.  Students learn to manage their time efficiently so that they both finish the exam in the time allotted and have stamina throughout the entire lengthy test.

Constant Feedback

A trademark quality of an effective educational environment is clear and consistent communication between instructors and parents.  Before the student's first session, parents meet with the instructor to discuss the program and the diagnostic exam.  Additionally, we offer detailed score reports that keep parents aware of their child's efforts and performance as the program progresses.